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Is the Image of Jesus actually the image of Cesare Borgia

Cesare Borgia Jesus?

Cesare Borgia jesus
This is a painting of Cesare Borgia, the man who influenced all European paintings, sculptures and carvings of Jesus.
Many scholars believe the image of Jesus has been manipulated, skewed and outright fabricated. This article will address such an issue.

Cesare Borgia was the Son of Pope Alexander VI. In fact, he was the popes most loved and illegitimate son. (at one time papacy members were allowed to marry.) Pope Alexander VI was known for having multiple mistresses and in 1476 bore a son named Cesare Borgia. Cesare was Alexanders favored son and by the age of 15 had already become the Bishop of Pamplona. By his 18th birthday he was a Cardinal. Borgia also had an older brother named Giovanni who was Captain General of the Papacy Military forces.

Cesare envied his brothers position and many scholars believe he envied it so much that he had his own brother assassinated in order to obtain the office. Other records show the brothers slept with the same mistress, the wife of their younger brother Goffredo. Many believe the inflamed love triangle between the brothers and their so-called mistresses is what led to young Giovanni’s demise. Following Giovanni’s assassination, Cesare Borgia resigned his position as Cardinal and became Captain General of the Papacy Military. During this time, the Catholic Church was waging war on Islam and Cesare was about to play a vital role in the history of the Church.

At the time, the Muslims had successfully made their way to Germany and taken control of Turkey. This threatened the Churches stronghold over the empire. During the same period, the image of Jesus was that of a Muslim and the church was having a hard time selling its ideologies in the region. Some say they devised a plan to correct this issue and used Cesare Borgia as its tool. Consequently, some historians say the pope came up with a plan to have every painting of the original messiah destroyed. Next, Alexander VI commissioned Leonardo Di Vinci to reinvent Jesus in the image of his own beloved son, Cesare Borgia.

Cesare Borgia Jesus
This completely disassociated the whites of the empire from the Muslims they had to fight, making it easier to kill their enemies in good conscious. So, there you have it. Do you think our modern image of Jesus is actually Cesare Borgia?  IsJesus Cesare Borgia? (In reference to the images of Jesus)
Interesting fact: Many people believe there are armed guards stationed at the Catacombs of Rome to keep people from viewing  wall carvings of the original Messiah in his legitimate ethnic representation. (Source)

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This is nonsense from start to finish, full of half-truths and errors. "at one time papacy members were allowed to marry." What is a 'papacy member'? A pope, presumably. Yes, some very early popes were married, and some married men later became popes. See here for more information:

The article is full of "many scholars believe", "some scholars say" - who? What is the source of these claims? Do they exist? I doubt it.

Besides, look in any national art gallery or gallery website and you'll find lots of images of Jesus which predate Cesare Borgia.

This is full of embarrassing nonsense. "the pope came up with a plan to have every painting of the original messiah destroyed." There were no paintings of Jesus, only later impressions. And even the pope could not have every painting destroyed, since there were tens of thousands all over Europe. "the image of Jesus was that of a Muslim" What? A guy with a dark beard? That was a problem? Are you serious?

Please, whoever wrote this article, take some advice. Get sticky tape and fix it all around your head. And DO IT QUICKLY, before your brains fall out.

It's more likely they painted Cesare to look Christlike.

Exactly no 1 wonders where the picture of jesus came from??? Bible legend says he's black; then described with hair of wool skin of bronze everybody knows jerusalem is In the middle east..which furthermore proves he had to have had dark skin to be under suns light all those years til his death@33 years who da fuck would believe jesus came down from heaven & said "I'M READY FOR MY PICTURE NOW" I believe they hoodwinkwed the world@that time destroyed all images of real messiah n threaten death upon anyone who would tell the truth this way it b easier to battle if casualties and soldiers wasnt fighting who resembled which would give the fight less morale eventually the guy hires a painter publishes a new pic of christ based on his son and there we have it....BOOM EVERY PICTURE OF JESUS...A WHITE GUY!

Now that's how you set them straight!

It's hard for most Christians to accept this. Lets make it simple. The Chiristians were white. The Muslims they were at war with were middle eastern. This is a historical fact! Jesus was Middle Eastern. So Rome had all pictures of Jesus desroyed. Being thag the church controlled everything, this makes perfect sense. How could the church fight a holy war when thete fighting in the name of a man who looks like the enemy and not them? Common Sense!

Jesus was from the Middle East, not Europe!

Jesus real name is Yeshua. Being a Jew means nothing, anyone can be a Jew. In Israel there are Arab and Chinese and African Jews. Why? Because Jew isn't a race. It's a converting by birth or pledge. So what was he? A hebrew born under "Jewish" law. Hebrew is nationality. Ancient Hebrews were bronze with locks in the hair and braids according to the art of these Hebrews and Egyptians. "Jesus" was said to have wooly hair and bronze (brownish black) skin. Like the Egytians (according to the Greeks) so Was it a tan? No because over 6 times in the bible, he is in heaven. No such thing as a spiritual sun burn. So was he African? That's a longer discussion. But Arabia and Israel were always ruled by Kush and Babelyian (Nimrod ) empires. Which were Abraham came from. So even if we don't believe that Jesus didn't look bronze with nappy hair. The bible suggest he did.

It's funny the bible clearly depicts Jesus as a man of color bronze skin curly hair. But u don't question why the description doesn't match the picture u portray today as Jesus.

It's sad that no one wants to tell the truth but be wise in their own eyes and do what's best for them. This includes preachers and everyone involved. But be sure of this: God says all liars will have their part in the lake of fire. That's why God hates lying so much. Look what people will do to cover up the truth.

The truth will be made known an set the captives truly free

History fully supports a married priesthood. For the first 1200 years of the Church’s existence, priests, bishops and 39 popes were married.3 Celibacy existed in the first century among hermits and monks, but it was considered an optional, alternative lifestyle. Medieval politics brought about the discipline of mandatory celibacy for priests.

Actually Jews are the blood descendants of Judah who was one of Jacob's son. It is not a religion it is a birth right and one cannot be converted. The strangers may cleave but they are not Judah!

No. Hebrews are. Not for the same as Jews. Who were scattered abroad. The Jews that you are speaking out or Khazar Jews they have no blood relation or connection to King David Judah Moses nor Abraham look it up only 2% of the Jews that live in Israel have connection to blood Abraham so the question is who are the rest? Look this up first.there is something we are not being told

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